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  • 2018 Bufori La Joya
    RM 6,670/Month
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2018 Bufori La Joya

RM 6,670/MonthRM 585,940

Key Highlights

Sophisticated style Good performance Well equipped features


Pursuing the Model Evolution, the BUFORI Motor Car Company has created yet another masterpiece, the BUFORI "La JOYA". The 5th Generation of BUFORI cars is the first to receive an attribute in its name. "La JOYA" is Spanish for "the Jewel". BUFORI could not find a name that characterises this vehicle more accurately. The La JOYA truly is a jewel, a masterwork made of passion and traditional craftsmanship. Every member of the BUFORI team works with unlimited devotion to contribute to one aim: uncompromised luxury.The philosophy is simple: use the best components from around the world combined with in-house design and engineering. The difference lies in the attention for every detail. The result is outstanding: one of the most unique and luxurious cars on the planet.

Following the line of its predecessors, the La JOYA has the elegant look of a classic car. Not surprisingly, some compare the appearance of the La JOYA to that of the finest vehicles of the early 1930s, when the world's greatest automotive stylists sought to outdo one another in crafting custom bodies for Duesenberg, Pierce Arrow and Packard. Like these classics, the Bufori abounds in luxurious detail. From the hand-sewn leather upholstery and matching carpeting to the seats, the La JOYA coddles its owner in luxury matched by no other automobile. "La JOYA" is the Spanish word for "The Jewel". And there is a good reason why we chose to call the BUFORI La JOYA a jewel. It truly is as precious as a rare gem, a perfectly orchestrated mix of classic elegance, driving dynamics and the latest of automotive technology. The La JOYA also is as durable as a diamond, every part being designed to last for many decades. 

We only use the finest materials in the world, and multiply their value by building cars with honest craftsmanship. Each single component tells a story.
Made to order, every unit leaving our manufacture is as unique and noble as a piece of art. A BUFORI will always remain rare and exclusive in view of the limited number of orders that will be taken. It is veritably precious. Owning a BUFORI La JOYA is a statement of style. If compared to the fashion world, BUFORI would be the Haute Couture, every unit being built to order, perfectly reflecting the personality of its owner. Driving a BUFORI is synonymous to appreciating the finer things in life. Every ride is pure joy and going from A to B will never be the same again. 

In a fully soundproof cabin, you will have the feeling of flying elegantly over the road. For the first time, you might even welcome traffic jams as you have the chance to spend more time in the relaxing cabin of the La JOYA, contemplating the little details that make it so special. May it be the scent of our fine leather, the awe inspiring French hand-polished walnut burl, the noble gold plated instrument bezels, the exquisite hand-stitching on your steering wheel or many more details that will captivate you. Riding a BUFORI is not only an indulgence for yourself; it will certainly have an impact on your environment. We admit that it is somehow difficult to keep a low profile in a La JOYA, since many people will be turning their heads after your car. Our craftsmen are genuine artists. Their motivation is deeply rooted in the pride of creating masterpieces that touch their driver's hearts. BUFORI owners are artists too, with the freedom of expressing their personal style by customising the design of the vehicle. This is our inspiration, day by day.

Key Details

  • Body Type: Coupe
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Engine Capacity: 2656 cc
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Seat Capacity: 2
  • Price: RM 585,940


2018 Bufori La Joya 2.7 V6

From RM 585,940

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