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  • 2018 Chery Eastar ST
    RM 1,087/Month RM 81,502

Key Highlights

Good engine performance Affordable price Smart design


Every car born in Chery is created by the existing design team of Chery. Chery Design covers four sections, Proportion, Branding, Design Language and Quality, each ingeniously infused with Chinese elements. Rather than as a point or a link, to Chery, design introduces profound understanding of Chery about demand of the consumers, cultural background and market trend as well as a system and process completely created by international standards.

It comes in a bright exterior, technological interior trimmings and transmission with steady acceleration performance. The power-adjusted headlights make it easier for the driver to adjust the beam of the headlights. And an adjust-knob is installed on the steering light lever. The Eastar has 7 or 5 seats arranged in 3 rows, while the seats in the mid row are arranged in 2+1 style and they are separable, movable and foldable. Of course the back row seats can be arranged and combined at will, too.The Eastar provides a unique seat fold & flatly-laid system (FFS) for you. The seats of the mid and back rows can be folded and laid down flatly, which works out more than 20 combinations, thus extending the interior space and instantaneously satisfying your needs.

The transmission of the Eastar is an integration of a gearbox and a differential, and its clutch system is all-hydraulic.The hydraulic clutch linkage is composed of a fork and a release bearing. The board type interlock mechanism prevents disordered shift. There is a structure in the mechanism that prevent miss-shift of reverse gear. The models of the Eastar series are equipped with foldable remote key which is an integration of a remote control and a foldable key. It remotely controls the doors, the windows, the boot and the skylight. In terms of convenience, the Eastar prepares a lot of storage boxes for its owner, as many as 28 to be exact, quite convenient for you. The tool box for the driver’s tools is located under the 3rd row seats, which increases the storage space, and makes the interior of the vehicle neat as well.

Key Details

  • Body Type: MPV
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Engine Capacity: 1971 cc
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Seat Capacity: 7
  • Price: RM 81,502


2018 Chery Eastar ST 2.0 AT

From RM 81,502

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2018 Chery Eastar ST
RM 1,087/Month RM 81,502
2018 Chery Eastar ST
RM 1,087/Month RM 81,502
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