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  • 2022 Nissan Almera
    RM 684/Month RM 64,639

Key Highlights

5-year, unlimited mileage warranty Ample rear legroom Large armrest for rear occupants
Affordable Large boot, maximum usable space Ride characteristics that prioritize comfort, cruising


Nissan Almera 2021-2022 Review

While Malaysians may only know the Nissan Almera as being two generations old, the actual model line has been around quite nearly since the beginnings of Nissan’s presence in Malaysia. The older folk among you may remember the Datsun Sunny, which then became the Nissan Sunny, and eventually the Nissan Sentra.

In a bid to let their B-segment sedan compete without a lot of history and expectations hanging over its head, Nissan decided to go with the Almera name. The Sentra became the Sylphy and moved up in terms of model segment, and now the Almera represents the entry level for the Nissan brand.

The first generation Almera was not as well received – criticisms levelled against it were mostly about build quality, features and functionality, and comically skinny tyres that didn’t lend well to handling ability and characteristics. It’s safe to say that this second generation model for our market has come a long way, and it is offered with just three variants – all of which boldly powered by a turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine.

Nissan Almera 2021-2022 Specifications

999 cc is all the engine displacement you will get with the Nissan Almera, and to be honest it is more than enough for what it is designed to do. 100 PS and 152 Nm of torque are at your disposal – the latter figure being available from 2,400 rpm to 4,000 rpm, courtesy of the turbocharged nature of the engine. It sends power to the front wheels through a CVT-type automatic transmission.

In terms of sizing, Nissan models have historically managed to really push the limits of their segments. The Almera is regarded as a B segment model, but it is exceptionally large – offering both impressive boot space and impressive interior space. This was also one of the strong points of its predecessor, making it a great candidate for ride sharing and e-hailing drivers.

Part of this also comes down to how the vehicle is constructed. Despite the very complex, elegant looking exterior, the mechanicals are as simple as you would find in class. MacPherson struts up front and a torsion beam rear keep things simple to produce, simple to maintain, and compromise the least in terms of space and room.

This is reflected in the metrics: the wheelbase is a whopping 2,620 mm, with an overall length of 4,495 mm and width of 1,740 mm. Despite this, the turning radius is still a respectable 5.3 metres. Curb weights for the Nissan Almera start at 1,090 kilograms and go up to 1,114 kilograms with a full kit list.

Nissan Almera 2021-2022 Exterior

Exterior styling Is more subjective than objective, but for the Nissan Almera you would be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t a fan of the design direction Nissan has taken. The front grille design is prominent without being excessively shouty, and the overall proportions are thankfully more like a traditional sedan than one with an aggressively high boot lid for more trunk space. That last bit is a sin that almost every manufacturer commits, resulting in comical looking, wedge shaped sedans. The entry-level VL variant makes do with 195/60 R15 tyres on silver alloy wheels, while the other two variants go to a machined two-tone alloy wheel and 205/55 R16 tyres – no more skinny tyres and wheels to complain about here.

Nissan Almera 2021-2022 Interior

It’s amazing that at this price point, the Nissan Almera manages to have an incredibly well designed interior that doesn’t feel cheap – although that is absolutely a requirement in this day and age. The dual-tone dashboard of the VLP and VLT variants looks and feels like it belongs in a car far more expensive. Leather wrapped steering wheels, leather semi-bucket seats with grey accenting, and a carbon-fibre pattern shift knob really help to elevate these variants above what you think your money is able to buy at this end of the market.

Nissan Almera 2021-2022 Safety Features

Safety comes strong with the Nissan Almera, and the only sore point is that the entry level variant makes do with two airbags instead of the six in other variants. Hill Start Assist, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist, Vehicle Dynamic Control and Traction Control, ISOFIX with top tethers, and seatbelt reminders are all present across the range, making it an excellent choice if safety does happen to be your concern.

On top of all this, all models also come with Nissan Intelligent Mobility systems which include the Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, and Intelligent Forward Emergency Braking. This is something that isn’t necessarily offered with its rivals, and is a strong point for the Almera.

Nissan Almera 2021-2022 Strengths and Weaknesses

It has to be said that the Nissan Almera’s core strength has to be its ride comfort and interior space. It isn’t the best handling car in class, nor the most powerful outright, but it is a fantastic proposition when compared to other offerings and it feels like you get a better deal for your money. Where Nissan has really put in effort is in the shortcomings of the Almera, which were the build quality and specifications – and this generation has remedied this with active safety systems across the range, and a dashboard and interior design that punches way above its belt.

If there is but one criticism then, it would be that the three cylinder engine can be ever so slightly unrefined at times – though not so often that you would resent driving it or grow tired of it. This is just the nature of three cylinder engines, and for the most part during operation you barely notice it rumbling away.

Nissan Almera 2021-2022 Price

Impressive pricing is one aspect of the Nissan Almera that you can’t deny – ownership starts at just RM 79,906 for the 1.0L Turbo VL variant, and goes up to RM 85,715 for the 1.0 Turbo VLP. The top of the range 1.0L Turbo VLT model tops out at RM 91,310, which also positions it competitively in class. On top of this, there is the additional Urban Package that goes for RM 5,200 to RM 5,500 depending on the variant you choose.

Nissan Almera 2021-2022 Features

If you opt for the Nissan Almera in its most basic form, you get a standard instrument cluster, audio and Bluetooth hands free connectivity, manual air conditioning, a conventional head unit, and a four-speaker setup. Spring for either the VLP or VLT variant and you get a seven-inch full-colour semi digital display for the instrument cluster, automatic climate control, and the eight-inch Advance Touchscreen Display Audio head unit with Apple CarPlay functionality.

In addition to this, the VLT also gets automatic LED headlamps, LED daytime running lights, and LED fog lamps for both the front and the rear. Specific to the VLT variant is also cruise control – in terms of lights, the VL and VLP variants make do with manual halogen units.

Nissan Almera 2021-2022 Fuel Consumption

If you are especially frugal with the way you drive your Nissan Almera, you could probably hit the amazing quoted figure of 18.4 kilometres per litre – giving you a range of up to 650 kilometres based on the fuel tank size of 35 litres.

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Key Details

  • Body Type: Sedan
  • Transmission: Automatic/Manual
  • Engine Capacity: 999 cc - 1498 cc
  • Fuel Type: petrol
  • Seat Capacity: 5
  • Price: RM 64,639 - RM 85,715

Key Details

  • Body Type: Sedan
  • Transmission: Automatic/Manual
  • Engine Capacity: 999 cc - 1498 cc
  • Fuel Type: petrol
  • Seat Capacity: 5
  • Price: RM 64,639 - RM 85,715


  • Aswan

    30 Nov 2020

    Review: 2020 Nissan Almera - Leaps And Bounds

    Another core strength retained in the Almera, like most Nissan models, is the larger-than-expected interior space. Legroom and headroom in the Almera is fantastic, even allowing a 180-cm tall person (yours truly) to sit behind someone else who is equally tall. This is a rarity, and while the Almera doesn't quite have the packaging and storage space of certain other models, it adequately seats four adults without a hint of cramping.

    View full review

User Review of Nissan Almera

4.0 Very Good
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5 Excellent
Owner of 2019 Nissan Almera

Nice And Simple

Nice and simple ride that new graduates can even afford if they are looking for a japanese model! - Less
9 person found this helpful
5 Excellent
Owner of 2019 Nissan Almera

i like the car

it very fast and provided with all character.i will sugest this car to all my friend and family because of the quality - Less
15 person found this helpful
4 Very Good
Owner of 2019 Nissan Almera

Big capacity of car

Sufficient capacity as compared to Honda City or Toyota vios. - Less
16 person found this helpful
5 Excellent
Owner of 2018 Nissan Almera

very good condition

very comfortable and good experience - Less
8 person found this helpful
5 Excellent
Owner of 2018 Nissan Almera

Best car of the year

Excellent drive,good value,save fuel,big interior,safety - Less
14 person found this helpful
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2022 Nissan Almera
RM 684/Month RM 64,639
2022 Nissan Almera
RM 684/Month RM 64,639


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