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  • 2022 Ford Ranger
    RM 978/Month RM 92,388

Key Highlights

Premium interior feel Good handling characteristics Class leading engine and gearbox
Passenger car-like NVH, quiet and refined Only pick-up with adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating


Ford Ranger 2021-2022 Review

For a brief period of time, Ford was known for a huge variety of models in their line-up – from the C-Segment Ford Focus, to the compact hatchback Ford Fiesta, and even the Ford S-Max MPV. But both before and after this time, Ford was known for one thing in Malaysia: making pick-up trucks. It represents the majority of their sales, and today it is known as the Ford Ranger.

Pick-up trucks are a huge market, not just in Malaysia but across South East Asia as well. The Ford Ranger represents the best of what Ford has to offer for our region, and with such a large number of consumers and rivals, it’s no surprise that every generation of the Ranger gets better and more sophisticated.

It’s the last part that’s a little confusing, especially if you aren’t immediately familiar with pick-up trucks. What used to be designated as more pure workhorse type vehicles, has become more lifestyle oriented as consumers in urban environments see the value in owning something like a pick-up truck. While the base model variants of pick-ups still have to be robust enough to take a beating, the top-spec variants are usually even better specified than regular passenger cars.

To reflect this, there are a huge number of variants of the Ford Ranger – we count eight regular variants, and one special edition model in the form of the Ranger Raptor X. You can get the Ranger in single cab or double cab, manual or automatic, and with three different powertrains on offer. As the model that carries the Ford brand in Malaysia, you can be almost certain there’s a variant for you, at the right price point.

Ford Ranger 2021-2022 Specifications

Even if you were to choose the purest, simplest form of the Ford Ranger, you would get a robust 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine pushing 160 PS and 385 Nm of torque. In fact, this is the sole powertrain offering for five of the eight main variants and is available with either a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed conventional automatic transmission.

There is one engine that exists but for a sole variant – the Ranger XLT Plus. It’s a 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine that makes 180 PS and 420 Nm of torque and is only paired with a ten-speed conventional automatic transmission. What’s interesting about it is that it comes with a single turbo, compared to the full fat variant of this engine in the remaining two variants.

Yes, we’re talking about the twin-turbo 2.0-litre turbodiesel powerplant that is available for the Ranger Wildtrak and Ranger Raptor – a beast of a powerplant that effectively replaces the larger 3.2-litre turbodiesels of the past. It’s clear that this powerplant is more lifestyle than workhorse, but the numbers stand at 213 PS and 500 Nm of torque, paired with only a ten-speed conventional automatic transmission.

Across all variants of the Ford Ranger, the wheelbase is identical at a whopping 3,220 mm. For reference, a D-segment sedan comes in at around 2,800 mm in length, but the long wheelbase is necessary to accommodate cargo in the long bed. The overall length of the Ranger varies between 5362 and 5426 mm, with the Raptor being a little more compact at 5398 mm. Width wise, most variants of the Ranger are 1,860 mm wide (excluding the side mirror), with the Raptor coming in at 2,180 mm wide.

The Ranger Raptor’s chassis is slightly different with coilover rear suspension, while the rest of the variants have a traditional rear leaf spring setup. The fronts, however, are double wishbone across the range – and of course, the Raptor variant gets more impressive dampers in the form of Fox Racing Shox. All models are 4 x 4 – from single cab to Raptor.

Ford Ranger 2021-2022 Exterior

The Ford Ranger is an incredibly handsome vehicle – especially when you consider that this platform has been around since 2011, and was severely revised and updated for the current generation that was launched in 2018. A big, prominent front grille leads the way – the Ford logo made extremely large for Raptor variants – and the usage of chrome and black interchanges as you go through the range.

Also progressing through the range are plain halogen headlights, to automatic projector halogen units, to full on LED projector headlights for the top-spec variants. Fog lamps are provided front and rear as is regulation, and wheels are 17-inch for the cheaper variants and 18-inch for the higher spec models.

Ford Ranger 2021-2022 Interior

The inside of the modern Ford Ranger is a fantastic place to be – especially with their new interior designs. The centre-piece of the dashboard changes depending on the variant you choose, with the SYN 3 system reserved for top spec variants, but most variants will have some form of Ford’s in house infotainment system. The dashboard finish and materials are less designed for hard wearing and more for comfort when spending long amounts of time driving or commuting.

Ford Ranger 2021-2022 Safety Features

Opt for the cheapest variant of the Ford Ranger and you will still get Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, ABS with EBD, Hill Descent Control, Rollover Mitigation, Trailer Sway Control – your bread and butter passive safety systems. Go all the way to the top with the Raptor, and you will get more active systems like Lane Departure Warning and Assist, Forward Collision Warning, and Autonomous Emergency Braking. 

Ford Ranger 2021-2022 Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s hard to talk about the Ford Ranger’s strengths because it really depends on which variant you go for. The Raptor models alone are fantastic if you value performance and outright fun in a vehicle – being able to go off the beaten path and travel at incredibly high rates of speed courtesy of the drivetrain and chassis.

But even if you were to look at the more “regular” variants of the Ford Ranger, it has to be said that they are incredibly refined options compared to their peers. Ford wasn’t afraid to push the Ranger in the lifestyle direction, and you see that being reflected in how the model has gone from being more for ASEAN and other countries, to even being offered in the United States.

If there has to be a downside, however, it is that the Ranger just doesn’t have that level of ruggedness that other pick-up truck models have, which allow them to transcend from being nameplates to legends. The rivals of the Ranger still hold those titles, being used for everything from construction work, to going off-road in the Borneo Safari.

Ford Ranger 2021-2022 Price

The pricing for the Ford Ranger goes up by over 100% through the range. The most basic form of the Ranger is the 2.2 XL Single Cab Manual that runs you RM 92,388. From then onwards, we see a progressive climb through the variants: the 2.2 XL Double Cab Manual runs RM 97,388, the 2.2 XL Double Cab Automatic runs RM 105,388, the 2.2 XLT manual costs RM 111,388, and the 2.2 XLT automatic costs RM 118,388.

The more significant jump happens when you get the 2.0 XLT Plus – expectedly with a more complex engine and transmission. This takes you up to RM 131,888, while the 2.0 Bi-Turbo WildTrak 4x4 costs you RM 152,388 – again, another level of complexity. From here, there is a massive jump to the Rapter 2.0 Bi-Turbo that costs RM 210,888, and the Raptor X special edition variant costs RM 216,888.

Ford Ranger 2021-2022 Features

With so many variants, it can be hard to list out exactly what each Ford Ranger model gets in terms of features. Going through the range you will see transitions from manual to power adjustable driver seats, the addition of a 12-volt socket in the cargo bed, keyless entry and start, a dual four-inch TFT instrument cluster, and automatic dual-zone climate control. There is also support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto if you choose a variant with the SYNC 3 infotainment system.

Ford Ranger 2021-2022 Fuel Consumption

There are no manufacture quoted fuel consumption figures for the Ford Ranger, but our testing with the Wildtrak variant returned 6.4 litres per 100 kilometres (15.6 km per litre) on the highway, or 10.2 litres per 100 kilometres (9.8 km per litre) in city traffic – thanks in large part to the ten-speed automatic transmission. Pick-up trucks can be incredibly frugal if driven properly, thanks to their robust powertrains.

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Key Details

  • Body Type: Pickup Truck
  • Transmission: Automatic/Manual
  • Engine Capacity: 1996 cc - 3198 cc
  • Fuel Type: diesel
  • Seat Capacity: 2 - 5
  • Price: RM 92,388 - RM 210,888


  • Arvind

    17 Sep 2020

    Review: Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4 (AT) – Brawn And Brains… Lots Of It

    The Wildtrak, like its forebears, is spiffed up with a suite of cosmetic add-ons such as the Wildtrak radiator grille at the front, shiny sidesteps, and roof rails around the flanks, and the sport bar atop the truck bed at the rear. A Cargo LED light integrated on the sport bar offers decent illumination of the truck bed at night, which is more helpful than you might think. Also, note that the Wildtrak adds auto wipers and wing mirrors with integrated puddle lamps and turn signals.

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  • Gokul

    17 Sep 2020

    Review: 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor – More Than Just Cosmetic Enhancements

    The Ranger Raptor is more than just another variant of the Ranger. In addition to a new design and a 150mm wider track, it has a long list of extra features which make it a truly unique and capable product. However, features like the all-terrain tyres, the steel bumpers, the Fox shock absorbers, the heavy duty side-steps, and the Baja mode which basically turns it into desert racer, come at a cost, which explains the hefty price tag of about RM200,000.

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  • Kon

    20 Oct 2017

    2017 Ford Ranger Wildtrak – Jet-Setting Pick-Up

    For a time, pick-up trucks were viewed as affordable tax-free alternatives to budget B-segment sedans. Then, as their popularity grew amongst private owners, in came more features and better refinement; suddenly, pick-up trucks have become a lifestyle choice.

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User Review of Ford Ranger

4.4 Excellent
Overall Rating
Interior Design
Exterior Design
Showing 22 reviews sorted by Latest Year
5 Excellent
Owner of 2020 Ford Ranger


Very nice interior build quality with leather seat, leather dashboard, piano black passage Side dashboard with “ WILDTRAK” word and the best is the sync infortaiment system that support apple carplay n android auto. For the exterior, look nice from the front.. it give u a feeling like a big size luxury suv. The performance are best in the segment.. with 213HP 500NM it was a very powerful car . For this price u can get a car that can for business, taking family, off road, on road, tough terrain, carry cargo, it’s worth the money... - Less
1 person found this helpful
5 Excellent
Owner of 2020 Ford Ranger

Super car for business

I have good experiences with this model - Less
4 person found this helpful
5 Excellent
Owner of 2019 Ford Ranger

comfort stable fast

very confort and can use for manu thing - Less
7 person found this helpful
5 Excellent
Owner of 2019 Ford Ranger

Phenomenal Truck for it’s price

I’ve driven both the Ford Ranger Limited & own a 19’ wildtrack. It’s my favourite go-to vehicle for everyday use. The most notable feature has got to be it’s 10speed gearbox, very responsive, never gearhunt, gets excellent gas millage (Avg 800-850km) on a full tank (goes at 120kph around 1850 rpms). Both the engine & transmision really gives this truck a nice enjoyable ride experience, never gets old. I really like it’s comfort & looks, the new gen Rangers are absolute stunners for a truck, this Ranger Wildtrack of mine has gotten quite alot of questions & attention/looks funny enough. Interior looks great, is practical & pretty comfortable. Now not everything is prefect, my Wildtrack has a problem with the touchscreen display where upon startup, sometimes it will appear blue, gives random flicker, reverse cam will come out randomly & gets stuck at the ford logo. The digital clock will sometimes display a random time for odd reasons, forcing you to manually reset the clock. Oh, and for the Ranger Limited, the battery shorted out somewhere for no reason, causing the head & tail lights to remain on for a whole day... In summary, if without it’s electrical gremlins. The new gen Ford Ranger’s are very very good trucks. Has a fuel economy & comfort level of a mid-high range SUV (for limited & wildtrack variant) & practicality & durability of a truck as it should. 10/10 would buy one again! - Less
4 person found this helpful
5 Excellent
Owner of 2019 Ford Ranger

All season car rain or shine

Combination of comfort and reliability for all usage and situation - Less
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2022 Ford Ranger
RM 978/Month RM 92,388
2022 Ford Ranger
RM 978/Month RM 92,388