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  • 2022 Mazda 6
    RM 1,799/Month RM 170,000

Key Highlights

Sportiest sedan in its segment Prestige of a Japan-made car The Touring/Wagon has its appeal, looks beautiful
2.2D does not feel like a diesel; free-revving, smooth and good sounding Interior feels more upmarket than rivals Well equipped


Mazda 6 2021-2022 Review

When people think of Mazda’s most recent rejuvenation of their product line-up, the first thing that comes to mind is the incredible Mazda 3. Prior to this, the most memorable models sat at either end of the spectrum – the mid-sized crossover Mazda CX-5, and the compact Mazda 2. These two models represents the largest change and leap forward in Mazda’s product development, with the former showing that they could be strong from a mechanical and packaging perspective, and the latter showing they could produce cars that were breathtakingly good looking, both inside and out.

Between the two models, however, came the Mazda 6 – and while it may not have had as large of an impact on the direction and reputation of Mazda, it was just as important in building Mazda’s momentum for this move. It was just as large of a step from its predecessor – which proved to be a lacklustre replacement for the first Mazda 6 – and it showed you could have both excellent dynamics and refinement, as well as decent packaging.

Unfortunately, Mazda has had to stretch their model generations for quite a number of years, resulting in a number of minor and major facelifts along the way, as well as technological updates to bring their products in line with their most modern offerings. First launched back in 2012, this third generation Mazda 6 went through its first major facelift in 2018, and even had a more recent update in 2021-2022 that was introduced locally too.

The range of Mazda 6 variants has grown and shrunk over the years. At launch you could get it in either a 2.0-litre or 2.5-litre petrol engine and in pure sedan form, with a wagon variant and even diesel powertrains added over the years. However, as of 2021-2022, the Mazda 6 has been streamlined back to its two original variants – and there are a variety of reasons for this.

Most important is the fact that the price of the Mazda 6 has continuously crept upwards to make things slightly less approachable, and from an economies of scale perspective it makes more sense to limit the number of variants on offer. The second is that sedan takeup has been somewhat dampened by the introduction of numerous SUV models, many of which are more popular among consumers across all brands and segments.

Mazda 6 2021-2022 Specifications

There are only two variants of the Mazda 6 currently available to Malaysian consumers, and each variant gets its own powertrain. The entry level variant utilizes a naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre petrol engine from the SKYACTIV-G family of engines. This engine makes 162 hp and 213 Nm of torque, and delivers this power directly to the front wheels through a six-speed conventional automatic transmission.

In the case of the other variant, the engine size grows to 2.5 –litres – again, naturally aspirated and petrol consuming. For this variant, the output is 192 hp and 258 Nm of torque – pretty impressive figures for a D-segment sedan – although power is still limited to the front wheels alone through the same six-speed conventional automatic transmission as the other variant in the range.

The chassis setup of the Mazda 6 is a pretty typical D-segment layout, with MacPherson strut type front suspension and multi-link rear. This alone doesn’t tell the whole story with the Mazda 6 – as Mazda has long been known for their focus on driving dynamics and handling characteristics. The Mazda 6 is no different, having precise, well weighted steering and a chassis that reacts to inputs quickly, though not abruptly.

Dimensions between the two variants of the Mazda 6 are identical, though when compared to its rivals it isn’t quite the largest vehicle in class. Perhaps at the start of its lifespan it had a competitive edge in terms of dimensions, but at this point in time other models have grown significantly in size. The Mazda 6 measures in at 4,865 mm in length, 1,840 mm in width, and 1,450 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,830 mm.

Mazda 6 2021-2022 Exterior

The item list for the exterior of the Mazda 6 is somewhat flat across the two variants. Both models get LED headlights and daytime running lights, as well as black door pillar garnishes (flat black for the 2.0-litre model and piano black for the 2.5-litre model). Perhaps the most noticeable difference between the two is that the 2.5-litre model gets 19-inch wheels while the 2.0-litre model gets 17-inch wheels – both being alloys. The update through 2018 for the Mazda 6 helped to bring styling elements more in line with Mazda’s current products, though the broad strokes remain largely the same.

Mazda 6 2021-2022 Interior

Much like the outside, the interior of the Mazda 6 is similar across both variants. Minor items like the instrument cluster coming with a monochrome or coloured 4.6 inch TFT multi-info display remain, though items like the seat material and overall layout and material choices are pretty much the same between the two variants.

Mazda 6 2021-2022 Safety Features

While both variants of the Mazda 6 get your usual assortment of electronic aids like stability and traction control, ABS with EBD and brake assist, and the like, the more extensive Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE system is limited to just the 2.5-litre variant. With these packages you get such items as Adaptive LED headlights, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, lane-keep assist, driver attention alert, and most importantly of all: smart city brake support for both the front and the rear. The last item is also known as autonomous emergency braking as a general term.

Mazda 6 2021-2022 Strengths & Weakness

Age is definitely not on the side of the Mazda 6 at this point in time, despite going through a facelift just three years ago and having yearly technical updates to keep it looking relatively fresh. Other products have transitioned across an entire generational change, while the Mazda 6 soldiers on in a form that’s mildly different from what we first saw in 2012.

And yet despite this, the Mazda 6 still maintains an edge in the department of handling qualities, so much so that it has become the benchmark against which other Japanese manufactures measure their products. Unfortunately there is a slight trade-off in comfort, but the driving experience more than makes up for this. The smooth powertrains and responsive transmissions definitely help to swing things in the favour of the Mazda 6.

Mazda 6 2021-2022 Price

The two variants of the Mazda 6 sit pretty far apart in terms of pricing. The base model, represented by the 2.0-litre variant, will set you back RM 170,917 – inclusive of the current sales tax exemption. The remaining variant is the 2.5-litre model, going for RM 207,642 – also inclusive of current sales tax exemptions. Pricing of the vehicles comes with a five year, 100,000 kilometre warranty and free maintenance, inclusive of parts, labour, and lubricants.

Mazda 6 2021-2022 Features

Both variants of the Mazda 6 get keyless entry and start, as well as 10-way power adjustable front driver seats and 6-way power adjustable front passenger seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, as well as the same 8-inch touch screen infotainment display. Mild differences between the two variants includes the upgrade from a six-speaker setup to a Bose 11-speaker setup, as well as a 360 view monitor and a color windscreen heads-up display.

Mazda 6 2021-2022 Fuel Consumption

The manufacturer quoted fuel consumption figure for the Mazda 6 2.0-litre sedan is 6.5 litres per 100 kilometres, or 15.4 kilometres per litre. Tor the Mazda 6 2.5-litre sedan, this figure goes up to 7 litres per 100 kilometres, or 14.3 kilometres per litre. These are pretty respectable numbers for a large sedan in this segment, and being naturally aspirated the figures aren’t likely to change too drastically even if you were to drive slightly more spiritedly on a day to day basis. Of course, better fuel consumption figures can be achieved if your driving habits are timed to avoid stop and go traffic, and your route consists of predominantly highways.

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Key Details

  • Body Type: Sedan/Wagon
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Engine Capacity: 1998 cc - 2488 cc
  • Fuel Type: petrol/diesel
  • Seat Capacity: 5
  • Price: RM 170,000 - RM 219,851

Key Details

  • Body Type: Sedan/Wagon
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Engine Capacity: 1998 cc - 2488 cc
  • Fuel Type: petrol/diesel
  • Seat Capacity: 5
  • Price: RM 170,000 - RM 219,851


  • Ferdinand

    14 Oct 2020

    Review: 2020 Mazda 6 2.5L Skyactiv-G Sedan - Power Of Corners

    I'm a simple man when it comes to the interior or cabin of a vehicle. It needs to make sense to me first and foremost. I don't want to feel overwhelmed or unsure of where what is when I'm in the driver's seat. The Mazda 6 is all that plus classy. Can't go wrong with black soft-touch leather. All the dials and controls are where I expected to find them, within easy reach plus they worked as advertised including Android Auto. A flat-bottomed steering wheel would have been nice to have, it was after all capable of the spirited breakfast-run Sundays to Raub or Kuala Klawang.

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  • Kon

    20 Oct 2017

    2017 Mazda 6 GVC – Does G-Vectoring Control Work?

    We last reviewed the Mazda 6 less than a year ago, but the intervening time since then has seen Mazda enhance the car with its fancy new G-Vectoring Control system, which we will call GVC for short.

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User Review of Mazda 6

4.0 Very Good
Overall Rating
Interior Design
Exterior Design
Showing 12 reviews sorted by Latest Year
4 Very Good
Owner of 2019 Mazda 6

nice car to have

this car is just nice for you to have a pleasant ans enjoyable ride. To me it is an alternative to bmw - Less
5 person found this helpful
4 Very Good
Owner of 2017 Mazda 6

Mazda six 2.2 Diesel

Overall it is a good car to own for 2.2D, nice interior & extrior. I would say it has the top & best in class inrerior for Japanese cars. High speed crusing is good especially i like the handling. Good things 1. Solid + stable during high speed 2. Balance between performance & fuel consumption 3. Good safety systems 4. Alternative to choose from Honda & Toyota Disadvantages 1. Resell value 2. Maintainance costs are higher than Honda & Toyota 3. NVH not the best in its segment 4. Selling price is the highest in Japanese cars - Less
22 person found this helpful
5 Excellent
Owner of 2016 Mazda 6

Mazda 6 2.2D

Power & handling is superb for a 1.6 ton car Avarage fuel consumption - 6.5L / 100km city drive 70% Loaded with tech & safety systems - Less
8 person found this helpful
4 Very Good
Owner of 2014 Mazda 6

Better performance ( compare Honda & Toyota )

Nice car. I like it so much. - Less
14 person found this helpful
3 Good
Owner of 2014 Mazda 6

Good looking car

Performance is good. Driving in urban areas is comfortable. When on the highway, the car is performing very well and smooth. But, some wear and tear parts have to be more careful. Especially Lower Arms, Absobers, mounting are easily broke if you always drive on uneven roads. 6AT is still makes drivers very enjoying the drive. - Less
10 person found this helpful
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2022 Mazda 6
RM 1,799/Month RM 170,000
2022 Mazda 6
RM 1,799/Month RM 170,000


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